3 Advice You Should Follow On An Extreme Diet

Although trying an extreme diet plan for a faster weight loss is not a healthy method but if you have a deadline to reach your weight loss goal for example- before a special wedding party then trying an intense diet plan becomes one and only option left for you.

Well, going on a 14 day extreme weight loss diet plan won’t affect your overall health negatively but to avoid some common negative effects of following an extreme diet plan, you should follow the following advice seriously.

Eat Sufficient Protein:

salmon and trout

One of the most common negative effects of following an intense diet plan is you may lose some lean muscle on the process as most of the extreme diet doesn’t include enough protein intake in the diet plan.

So before choosing a diet make sure that the diet is well structured with protein rich foods. If not then this is something you have to adjust with your diet plan.

Eating protein rich foods won’t only preserve your muscle mass but also keep your metabolic rate on track.

Try to construct your diet protein source with these weight loss friendly fishes like salmon, trout and halibut, eat lean beef on the 4th, 8th and 12th day of your diet period to keep your iron intake up and don’t forget to start your breakfast with eggs.

Eggs are high in protein, low in calories, increase satiety and easy to prepare. So, starting breakfast with two eggs will keep your stomach full until the next meal and will reduce craving for snacks between meals.

Eat as much vegetables as you can:


There are lot of reasons to eat plenty of vegetables while following an extreme weight loss diet plan.

In times of extreme dieting your body may not get enough vitamins that its needs on a daily basis and this is where vegetables can help you most by providing the nutrients that you may be lack of during dieting period.

Vegetables are low in calories so eating plenty of vegetables won’t lead you to consume more calories than your extreme diet is allowed you to eat.

Vegetables are also full in fiber and minerals that’s why eating vegetables throughout the day will keep you full the whole day and make your extreme diet plan to an easy one to follow.

Spinach, broccoli, kale, green bean, cauliflower, carrots are one of the best weight loss friendly vegetables that you can consider to include in your diet.

Drink Green Tea:

green tea

On an intense diet you’re definitely going to avoid soda as it high in calories.

So, what if you are used to drink soda regularly and addicted to it. Then obviously you’re going to crave for soda on your diet period.

So the question is what to do to get rid of this addiction and easily maintain the calorie plan.

I have a perfect solution for it and that is green tea. Green tea is considered as a calorie free beverage and best alternative to soda.

So, whenever you get thirsty for soda, drink green tea without worrying about calorie.

Green tea contains fat burning elements like polyphenols, catechins, caffeine naturally and these elements are proven to be effective in boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite and blocking the growth of new fat cells.

So you should consider adding green tea in your extreme diet chart not only as an alternative to soda but also as a weight busting beverage to accelerate your weight loss journey.

Few More Words Before Finishing:

As you have learned how to plan a crash diet correctly to get the best results and minimize the harmful effects that are associated with it, so make sure you follow these advice consistently during your extreme diet period.

Always remember it’s safe to go on an intense diet if you have few pounds to shed but if the goal is losing more than 12 pounds then a longer and moderate approach should be taken.

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