Can Detox Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Can detox tea help you lose weight if this is the question which answer you are searching desperately then you are one of those overweight women who need to shed few pounds within a short space of time.

There are so many trends buzzing on the internet of quick weight loss scheme and detox tea is one of them.

The main reason detox tea is getting too much popularity as a quick fix magic tea which can cut the extra pounds that is preventing you to fit in your old jeans is because most of the big brands detox tea are promoted by big celebrities like Hilary Duff, Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and many more by advertising that detox tea was the secret of their quick weight loss.

So the question is “Is detox tea is really the key to open the door which will lead you to your weight loss goal?”.

Let me give you a detail answer of the question in rest of the article as it can’t be answered in short:

What is Detox Tea?– Detox tea is not an actual tea, it’s a tea which is made of some popular herbal ingredients like senna, yerba, dandelion, rooibos, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, lemon, honey, milk thistle, fennel, peppermint, oolong wuyi, burdock, pomegranate etc.

Well, a single detox tea doesn’t contain all the above mentioned ingredients. Most of the detox tea brands are made with a blend of above 4 to 5 herbs.

Companies that sell detox tea primarily attract the consumers to use their detox tea by marketing below mentioned benefits:

The above benefits really sounds great- doesn’t it? But are these really true? Well, whether a supplement really has the benefits that the supplement advertises for; it depends on the ingredients that the supplement is made of.

So, whenever you will decide to buy a weight loss supplement, first do  some research on the supplement ingredients before purchasing it.

Senna is the most common herb that you will find in most detox tea ingredient list which is a natural laxative approved by FDA.

Senna is very effective in removing the toxic waste that is build up in our body because of consumption of too many processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and also from environment pollution.

Building up too many toxins in the body causes many kind of diseases and when the levels of toxins go beyond the amount that our body can’t remove it naturally then it stored the excess toxins as fat and that also lead to weight gain.

These toxins also stand as a barrier in your weight loss journey. So, it’s a must to clean up the toxic waste from your body in order to lose weight and also to enjoy a healthy life.

The other two mostly used ingredients in detox tea are dandelion and yerba herbs. Both of these herbs are well known for their diuretic effects which can help you in shedding water weight.

Yerba herb is also popular for it’s thermogenic effects as it contains caffeine and as an natural appetite suppressant.

Detox tea which contains ingredients like black pepper, ginger, peppermint, cinnamon can also give a little boost in your metabolic rate.

So, during a detox tea period you will burn few extra calories and because of the appetite suppressant effects you will automatically consume less calories.

But there is not a single scientific evidence to prove that detox tea is really great at burning actual body fat.

So, what about those celebrities who successfully lost 12-15 pounds by drinking detox tea.

Well, celebrities who revealed detox tea as a secret of their quick weight loss, they also said that they followed a diet plan and did a little bit workout strictly during their detox period.

So, the question is the pounds that the celebrities had lost was because of the detox tea or because of the diet and exercise plan that they had followed during the detox period. Detox-Tea-Weight-Loss-Results-Before-After

If you visit any detox tea selling website and see the before after images, you will notice that the average amount of pounds that most of the users lost is between 12-15 pounds.

So, you can’t expect to lose more than 15 pounds by drinking detox tea.

If you gain some extra weight because of storing too much toxic waste and retaining too much water then detox tea can help you in cleaning up the toxic waste, improve your digestive tract and also in losing water weight and give you a slim figure on the process.

Most of the detox tea period lasts for 15 to 30 days and many company suggest to use their detox tea for 30 days and also to follow a healthy diet and little workout plan to get the best results from their tea.

Who can’t drink detox tea?– People with high blood pressure, heart disease and also pregnant woman are strictly banned from using detox tea.

Few More Words Before Finishing: It’s not a bad idea to use detox tea for detoxify your body once but make sure you are eating sufficient protein and as much vegetables as you can on your detox period and if you plan to go for a second detox
sessions, first discuss about it with a doctor and you must take a 2 months break from the first one.

But always remember a detox tea is not the best way to detoxify your body. There are other natural and safe detoxification processes are available and to find out which is the best for your body consult with a doctor about it. 

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