Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss

If you need to lose some water weight then dandelion tea can definitely help you with that. Dandelion tea has a powerful diuretic effect and because of that diuretic effect you can easily lose 2 to 3 pounds of water weight in a week if you manage to drink 2 to 3 cups of dandelion tea per day.

The diuretic effect of dandelion tea is well proven in both animal and human studies.

Studies suggest that dandelion extract can increase urination for 5 hours.

Along with the diuretic effect dandelion tea has some other positive effects on weight loss and because of those positive effects some people add dandelion tea in their weight loss diet.

Dandelion tea contains less calorie. A cup of dandelion tea contains only 2 to 3 calories. So, if you are used to drink any high calorie drink like soda which contains 150 calories per cup and if you change your drinking habit from soda to dandelion tea, you will automatically consume 145 less calories per day.

If you continue this for a month, you will automatically consume 4350 less calories in a month and that is equal to 1 pound.  That means dandelion tea can help you lose weight by making you consume less calories.

Another positive effect of dandelion tea in weight loss is that it improves digestion by stimulating gastric secretion in the stomach and it also accelerates fat and cholesterol breakdown in the body.

If your digestion is sluggish, your body will build up wastes, retain water and store calorie as fat rather than using as energy. This is how dandelion tea can help you lose weight by improving your digestion.

A study done in mice in 2011 showed that dandelion supplement may aid in weight loss by increasing endurance, published by “African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines”.

So drinking dandelion tea regularly can increase your energy level and that can motivate you for working hard at exercise and the more hard you will exercise the more calorie you will burn.

Note That: The study to find out the effect of dandelion supplement in increasing endurance have been done only in animal not in human. 

Another great possible anti obesity effects of dandelion is, its extract may help in weight loss, just like the prescription weight loss drug Orlistat does- According to a Korean Study done in mice.

Well, it’s just a possibility not a guarantee anti obesity effects of dandelion. 

dandelion tea weight loss results before after

Celebrities Who Used Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss:

Fans always believe that celebrity has a secret to lose weight. Well, it’s not a secret anymore that Jennifer Lawrence drunk dandelion tea leaves for weight loss. This secret revealed by her trainer Dalton Wong in a talk show with Life & Style.

According to Dalton words on dandelion tea effects on Jennifer Lawrence weight loss– “It’s a brilliant diuretic that helps to prevent water retention and flush out toxins”.

Dalton also said that along with dandelion tea Jennifer also drunk carrot, ginger juice, protein shakes and plenty of water.

Vegetables and lean meat specially turkey was also included in her weight loss diet.

Most Important part of her weight loss was she used to exercise on a regular a basis.

So, dandelion tea played a major role but it wasn’t the only reason behind Jennifer Lawrence successful weight loss.

Dandelion root tea is also one of the main ingredients of 7 Day Detox Drinks promoted by celebrity fitness coach Jillian Michaels.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say dandelion tea quite popular among celebrity for weight loss.

When And How To Drink Dandelion Tea To Lose Weight:

Dandelion tea is available in both root and leaf format. Dandelion root tea is well known for the health benefits and leaf for its diuretic effect.  

So, drink the dandelion tea leaf 3 cups a day for the weight loss purpose.

Drink it along with a healthy low calorie diet and consider it as an aid in your weight loss journey not as a magic weight loss tea.

Sip the first cup in the morning after breakfast, the 2nd cup in the evening or whenever you carve for any high calorie beverage and drink the final cup after dinner to avoid craving for late night snacks.

Drink plenty of water during your dandelion tea period just like Jennifer Lawrence did.

Here Are Some Real Truth On Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss:

Well, dandelion tea may help you in shedding few extra pounds effectively but it can’t help you achieve any major weight loss goal. Because it doesn’t has any significant effect on weight loss.

For example- it is not effective in boosting metabolism and we all know that metabolism plays a great role in weight loss. It also doesn’t has any effect on fat oxidation process.

So, most of the weight you will lose by drinking dandelion tea will be water weight. Drinking too much dandelion tea can cause dehydration. So don’t take more than 3 cups a day.

Before taking dandelion tea for weight loss or any other benefits you should first consult with your doctor about it and make sure there is no medical condition which is prevent you from taking it.

Not only in case of dandelion tea but also before taking any diuretic, you should first consult with your doctor. If you are using other diuretic or water pills then don’t drink dandelion tea.

Few More Words Before Finishing: Although dandelion tea has some positive effects on weight loss, it can’t help you lose actual body fat and belly fat. It is only effective in shedding water weight.

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