Kou Tea Review: “Is It The Best Tea For Weight Loss?”

Tea is one of the most popular drink in the world for the fabulous taste it provides its drinker. But teas like Green, Oolong, White, Pu-erh are not popular among the tea lovers because of their taste but for the health benefits these teas can provide the human body.

Green tea, Oolong tea, White tea, and Pu-erh tea are also known as weight loss teas because these teas have powerful effects on weight loss. 

Some plant derived bio-active compounds like Catechins, Polyphenols, Caffeine that are found naturally in Green, Oolong, White and Pu-erh teas, can help you to lose some extra weight of your body by boosting your metabolism to burn more calories, intensifying fat oxidation process in your body, accelerating your body’s ability to turn fat into energy, and suppressing  your appetite by controlling the hunger hormones.

But you can’t drink all of these 4 teas together. So the question is-“What Is The Best Tea To Drink For Weight Loss?”

It depends on your weight loss goal means how many pounds you actually want to lose and how fast you wanna lose.

If your target is losing 10-12 pounds and you are not in a hurry to achieve it then Green tea or Oolong tea can make it possible for you.

Among all these 4 weight loss teas Green and Oolong teas are proved to be more effective in providing weight loss results than White and Pu-erh teas. Because Green and Oolong teas have gone through more researches and studies to find out their actual effects on weight loss than White and Pu-erh teas.

Most of the studies show that by drinking Green or Oolong tea, drinker able to lose an average of 3.5 pounds within 15-18 weeks of time.

So losing 10-12 pounds is possible by drinking Green tea or Oolong tea but you have to drink any of these two tea for a longer period of time, simply you have to make a habit of drinking Green or Oolong tea and have to drink 3-5 cups a day.

But if you plan to lose 22-25 pounds or even more within a short period of time then none of these weight loss tea will work for you. In that case you have to drink a tea which is specially designed and manufactured for the maximum weight loss purpose and that tea is Kou Tea.

Kou Tea is made of 4 weight lose teas- Green, Oolong, White and Pu-erh. The comprehensive combination of these weight loss teas makes Kou Tea the best tea to drink for weight loss. 

You can lose weight by drinking Kou Tea, without doing any kind of hard exercise. But you should follow the diet plan that will be attached with the tea box and do a little bit workout to get the best results from this amazing weight loss tea.


Because of the combination of 4 weight loss teas, it’s able to produce an unique taste and believe me you are going to love it.

Kou Tea is manufactured and supplied by RDK Global Company. RDK is a leading company in weight loss industry for so many years. This is why Kou Tea gained popularity and trust so easily among the users.

Kou Tea Effects On Weight Loss And Does Kou Tea Really Work:

Drinking Kou Tea regularly will speed up your metabolic rate which will lead your body to burn fat naturally.

It will increase your body’s fat oxidation process, that means your body will use stored fat as energy more frequently and that can also lead to build lean muscles.

Active ingredients in Kou Tea can help you in burning your abdominal fat.

You will feel more energy after drinking Kou Tea for two weeks which can motivate you to exercise.

You will start to see result after 3 weeks.

You will be able to lose 3-4 pounds from the 2nd month.

Below is a screenshot of Kou Tea real drinkers reviews. Click on image for a larger view.

Click on Image to download this diet plan for free

For a effective and  long lasting weight loss result follow this diet plan called Kou Tea 15 day diet plan.

Health Benefits Of Kou Tea:

Although Kou Tea is specially designed for weight loss, it can also provide you so many health benefits. As Kou Tea is made of 4 medicinal teas, so it contains antioxidants and many important nutrients naturally.

  1. KouTea’s ingredient L-theanine can help you in reducing stress:
    The amino acid L-theanine is capable of increasing the production of neurotransmitter dopamine and serotonin and these chemicals can help you in reducing stress, promoting better sleep, regulating mood, craving etc.
  2. KouTea’s ingredient can help you digest carbs easily: Drinking Kou Tea before 15 minutes of consuming carbs will help you digest carbs properly and easily.
  3. Kou Teas’s ingredients also work as an anti-aging: Green tea and Oolong tea found in Kou Tea has a powerful bio-active substance called antioxidant which can prevent the growth of free radicals in your body that are the culprit of many skin damage and aging and at the same antioxidant found in Kou Tea will improve your skin.
  4. Kou Tea’s ingredients can also reduce the levels of LDL(bad cholestrol)

How To Prepare Kou Tea For Weight Loss:

  1. Pour hot but no boiling water over the tea bag and brew for 1 minute.
  2. Using water that is too hot or brewing for too long can damage the enzymes and beneficial effects of the tea.
  3. Over-brewing can also detract from the smooth flavor of the 4-tea blend within each tea bag.

For even better flavor and health benefits, add organic honey for sweetening. You can also steep longer for a stronger blend.

When Should I Drink Kou Tea And How Many Cups?

You need to drink at least 2 cups of Kou Tea each day. Morning is the best time to drink Kou Tea. Starting your day with a cup of Kou Tea will help you burning stored fat throughout the day. You can also drink Kou Tea before your meals and in the evening.

The Best Place To Buy Kou Tea:

each-kou-tea-box-contains-60-tea-bagsorder now

The official website of Kou Tea is the best place to order it. To make sure you get the original Kou Tea and for buying it at its original price, you should wisely order it from its official website. 

Each box of Kou Tea is packed with 60 tea bags which will provide you the supply of the whole month. You will also get 1 box free; if you order 3 box at a time from Kou Tea’s Official Website.

If you have any question regarding Kou Tea; you can visit Kou Tea official website and chat with their support team anytime.  You will get immediate responds from the support team.

Few More Words Before Finishing:

Whether you have to lose few pounds or more, fast or slow, whatever your weight loss goal is, Kou Tea will perfectly suit to your goal and help you to achieve the result you want in weight loss. That’s why Kou Tea is the best tea to drink for weight loss for any person who are looking to lose weight by drinking weight loss tea.

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