what is metabolism and how does it affect in losing weight

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the biochemical process through which our body function its activities such as converting foods we eat into energy to keep us alive, active, growing, repairing and creating new cells and also provides energy even when we at rest to function its hidden activities like breathing, thinking, circulating blood.

This whole complex biochemical process can be divided into two main processes:

  1. Catabolism: Catabolism releases energy from foods for using in anabolism process.
  2. Anabolism: Anabolism uses the energy it needs that created in catabolism process.

When catabolism creates extra energy than anabolism needs, anabolism store the extra extra energy as fat or glycogen and thus we gain weight.

So the term Metabolism can be defined as- all the chemical reactions that occur to help our body growing, healing and providing us all the energy that required to keep alive and functioning.

The rate at which this biochemical process occurs is called metabolic rate and the amount of energy our body burns when we are at rest is defined as resting metabolic rate.

How metabolism affects in losing weight:

Metabolism rate varies from person to person depending on their age, gender, genetics, hormones specially thyroid hormones, physical activities and life styles.

A lot of people blame a slow metabolic rate because of their being overweight. But we really can’t blame a slow metabolism because of being overweight.

There could be a lot of other reasons that you are weigh too much such as consuming more calories than you need, doing less physical activities, overeating tendency, regular excessive eating of junk foods, genetics or any medical condition.

But metabolism still plays a role in gaining and losing weight. Let’s discuss more deeply about it:

When we eat foods our body breaks it into fat, protein and carbohydrates in the metabolism process and how fast or slow this process will occur depends on the metabolic rate. A higher metabolism makes this process faster and smooth.

In the other hand, if your metabolism is slow, your body tends to store these nutrients in spite of burning them and that lead to building fat tissue rather than building muscle mass.

So having a higher metabolism means you will burn more calories than a person who has a slow metabolic rate and having a slower metabolism means you body needs less calories to maintain its activities.

A fast metabolism will give you an extra benefit in your weight loss journey and can make the whole weight loss process easier, effective and faster where a slow metabolic rate will make it tougher for you. Higher metabolism accelerate body’s fat burning ability and can help a lot in burning the unwanted belly fat.

So fast metabolism can help you to determine how much food can you eat without putting yourself in extra pounds.

Things that are gradually slowing down your metabolism

Skipping meal and Extreme dieting:

Skipping a meal especially breakfast and also extreme dieting both of this are gradually slowing down your metabolism. If You consume less calories then your need for your body’s basic functions then your body will start to starve and as a defense mechanism your body will slow down your metabolism.

So when you are in any kinds of dieting make sure that you are consuming enough calories for your body’s basic function. Never let your body to go on a starvation mode, try to eat small meal through out day and eat before your body goes on a starvation mode.

Lack of sleep and Stress:

Sleeping difficulties and stress both increase cortisol levels and that can lead to slowing down metabolism rate for conserving calories for the excess needs of nutrients.

Your metabolism slows down as you grow older:

Metabolism rate start to slow down from the age of 40. As you grow more older your metabolism gradually slows down as your body start to lose lean muscle. But this can be prevent by doing anaerobic exercise and building lean muscle.

How to increase metabolism to lose weight naturally

Do Anaerobic Exercise:

When it comes to increase metabolism naturally exercise plays a major role especially anaerobic exercise means push up, weight lifting, squats. This types of exercise will definitely help you in increasing your metabolism naturally. If you don’t have the time to go to gym or you don’t like to do these exercises then you can choose running and swimming as an alternative of going gym. Although running and swimming falls into aerobic exercise category but increasing the intensity of these exercise will make these anaerobic exercise.

Push up is also a great exercise for increasing metabolism as it doesn’t take too much time and you can do it at home. 50 push ups a day will take only 7-10 minutes to do. Try to give at least 20 push up a day and continue this 2 months then it will be easy for you to give a 50 push up.

Make a habit of doing 10 minutes of push up and 10 minutes running or walking and 5 minutes stretching total 25 minutes exercise will really help you in increasing your metabolism naturally. It doesn’t matter how much busy you are, you can do this if you really have the want of boosting your metabolic rate to lose weight naturally.

Drink Coffee or Green Tea Regularly:

Drinking coffee or green tea regularly can help you in boosting metabolism because both of this contain caffeine. Caffeine in coffee can boost your metabolism by 7-11% and the great thing is the increased in metabolic rate happen by burning the extra fat of the body.

So that’s mean caffeine accelerate body’s fat burning ability. Although the effects work most in case of lean women than obese women but it still  has great effect on obese women.

Caffeine also stimulates thermogenesis and works great in reducing your appetite naturally which can lead you to lose weight without doing anything.  

You should drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day to get the best result from green tea.

Add Protein and Spicy foods in your Diet:

Foods that contain protein such as chicken, fish, lean beef, yogurt can help you in increasing your metabolic rate because protein takes more energy to digest than any other nutrients.

Spicy foods can increase your metabolic rate by increasing your body’s temperature and that lead to burning calories for cooling you down. Although the result doesn’t last long but a regular habit of eating spicy foods will benefit you.

Try To Build Some Muscle:

Muscle tissue burns more calories than any other tissue of the body. The more muscle you have the more calories your body is going to burn everyday. Muscle burns more calories than the fat especially when you are at rest. That means building some muscle will help you in increasing your basal metabolic rate.

Metabolism booster supplements:

Metabolism booster supplements that contain ingredients such as Caffeine, Manganese, Cayenne Powder, Zinc Citrate can boost your metabolism and help you in losing weight naturally. This supplement also known as weight loss supplements which can help you by not only boosting your metabolism but also suppressing your appetite, increasing your body’s energy levels and improving better digestion while also regulating you thyroid functioning.

If you don’t have any allergies with these ingredients you can give a try of this metabolism boosting supplements.

For example if you have allergy with caffeine you should avoid this kind of supplements because these supplements contain caffeine in high amount.

Also consult with your doctor before taking any supplements and make sure you don’t have any medical condition that is preventing you from taking supplement like this.

And you should be always care to choose the right supplement. Make sure the supplement approved by FDA for human consumption and have the ingredients that can actually boost your metabolism.

Few More Words Before Finishing: A better understanding on your metabolism and how it is influencing in your body weight( maintaining, gaining and losing weight) can help you in choosing the right diet plan and right kind of exercise that will work for you and help you to lose weight naturally.

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