Earn Money Online by Doing Micro Jobs and Surfing Internet

Earning money from online becomes a popular trend among a lot of young people all over the world. But how to earn money online that question comes first whenever you think to earn money online.

There are a lot of ways of earning money online like doing web designing , graphics work, articles writing, by blogging, with google adsense and many more but these  are not the easiest ways of earning money online, you have to be very professional and expert if you want to earn money online by doing these works right.

But there are also some easy ways of earning money online and I am going to explain you about those easy ways of making money online in the rest of the article.

Earn Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs

There are a lot of sites that offer micro tasks to their workers and those task are so easy that even a teenager can do. But the online world is full of scam. So you have to be wise in selecting the right one.

Don’t worry I am here to introduce you to the legitimate “Micro Jobs” sites that paying their members regularly and you can trust them. Now I am going to introduce you with 3 popular and crowd sourcing  sites that you can work and earn some money to operate your pocket cost and you don’t need to be expert and professional for working in these sites. All you need to have general knowledge on English and Internet Browsing.

The 3 legitimate sites and most popular crowd sourcing are:

1. Job Boy 2. Micro Workers 3. Rapid Workers

jobboy home page

All these 3 sites are very similar to each other. That’s why I am going to discuss about them by considering them as”Micro Job Sites“.

What is a Micro Job Site?

Micro Job Site is a site where employer offer tasks and employee bid each other to do those tasks (not a tough bid at all). Workers are only paid for finishing task correctly as they have been told in their job instructions.

What are the task?

You will find so many types of work in Micro Job Sites like google searching, liking and following pages in social sites, comment on youtube videos, install and reviews of android, i-phone & windows apps, forum posting, yahoo answering, writing article and many more works. Did you ever imagined that you are going to be paid for installing; reviewing and liking facebook page that you do daily in your online activities; no you didn’t but that’s the reality.

Job Price?

You will find 5 cents to 1 dollar job in Micro Job Sites. Job price depends on the types of the job.

Payment Methods?

In micro job sites workers can withdraw their earning by Payza, Skrill, Paypal. For Asian worker I recommend to use Payza. Payza is accepted  in every country and most of the freelancing sites pay their employee by Payza.

If you work in Microworkers you have to use Skrill to withdraw your money because at present Microworkers doesn’t accept Payza. The reason behind this Payza stop working with Texas Company.

Minimum Withdraw Rate?

In Micro Job Sites the minimum withdraw rate is $10. So you can withdraw your money whenever your earning reach $10.

Earn Money Online By Surfing Internet Content

Earning money online by surfing internet contents is the easiest way of making money online. Surfing internet means browsing or visiting websites.

There are only few online earning sites where you can earn by surfing internet contents but most of them are fake. The best and only legitimate site for that kind of work is AyuWage.

AyuWage is an online advertising platform where you can advertise your website or blog and also can make money by browsing and exploring the sites that are advertised in their platform, participating in survey and signing up for other sites like gaming sites, social networking sites, micro job sites and many more sites from their platform. AyuWage has started their journey in 2009 and it’s most trusted site among the micro job sites

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

By browsing and exploring sites you can earn up to 30-50 cents a day but you can earn $1-$5  by participating in survey work and completing micro offers. You may or may not get higher value of survey to complete and sites to explore as a new user but if you stay active regularly and when your account will get old , you will start to receive more sites to explore and high value of survey and offers to complete.

The great thing about this site is that their minimum withdraw rate is only $5 and you can cash out your earning by using both Payza and Paypal.

Now the question is how to start earning with AyuWage. For that visit www.AyuWage.com and create a free account. Then log in to your AyuWage account and click on the tab that is named Start Earning. In the start earning tab you will find various ways of making money from the site.

ayuwage start earning page

If you feel confused or don’t understand “how to work in AyuWage”, then click on the tab named Video Guide from the Home Page and watch out the video before start working. The video will show you step by step how to work in AyuWage. You can also search on youtube by typing how to work in AyuWage, you will find a lot of video in different languages on the working instruction in AyuWage. 

That’s all for this post. If you have any question in your mind regarding Micro Job Sites and AyuWage. You can ask it by submitting your question in the comment box.


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