The Shield ( wwe )

the-shield-wweThe Shield was the symbol of unity, brotherhood and most importantly teamwork. The Shield fought for the justice. “Believe in the Shield” was the keyword of the team. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were the three former members of the Shield. Seth the high flyer, Roman the power house and Dean the lunatic fighter. Three guys, three different personality; join together and became one team. The Shield was mostly known for their ring entrance through audience and for their black ring attire. Their talking style on the mic, wrestling moves, ruthless aggression to the opponent, in ring technical skills and their teamwork made them one of the greatest team in wwe history. The most dominant team that wwe has ever created. They have dominated team like team hell no, the USOS, the Wyatt family and the Evolution and also single top wrestler like Cena, Punk, Bryan, Ryback, kane and many others. They have rised above every obstacles which have stood in their way of dominating. Although they started as a heel, they were able to make the fans cheer for them. In just a matter of few months since their debut in wwe they became fans hot favourite. The wwe fans started to “believe on them”. Never before no other team has able to main event like the shield did back to back both on Raw and Smackdown. They have taken the spot light on them for 2 years. But their reign of dominating didn’t last long more than 2 years. Every team has a start and an end. That also happened with the Shield. But the way it happened that no one has expected to happen. Every wwe fans knew that one day the Shield will break out and everyone thought it would be Dean Ambrose who will turn his back against the team. But it was Seth Rollins the most trusted members of the Shield became the betrayel. Seth turned his back from the team by hitting his team member Roman Reigns with steel chair from behind for the authority and for his own good. Now all the three members of the shield are performing in single ring action and they are also looking great in individual action. But in future there is a possibilities of their reunion. WWE fans are also interested to watch them again in future. Thus it will happen in the future so we have to wait for the future to see the next part of the most dominating, fans loving and talented team in wwe history.

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